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Safer Dating Now :)

Classes + consultations on how to avoid scammers, spies, and people who want to turn you into a lampshade in their creepy apartment

✨Why this is 

Online dating, matchmaking, and relationship coaching have created a multibillion dollar industry. Cool! But people should know how to date safer, how to vet potential partners, and how to not go completely crazy while doing it (let's face it, a lot of modern dating is weird)


I want you to know how to use profiles cues AND public information to vet a potential date or partner

Polite approach

I don't like how security experts often talk down to people — dating is stressful enough without being made made to feel like an idiot! People learn better when they're relaxed and having fun, which is my goal!

Cyber safety

I want you to be aware of what kind of information you are giving away on dating apps — and how it can be used against you

Different options

Scammers and predators target different groups differently. This is why I offer consultations addressing diverse needs — there is no one-size-fits all approach for personal safety!


From people I've worked with

"Natalia is an extremely hard working, diligent analyst who has many years of proven investigative experience using the latest online tools and tactics. She's a world class OSINT practitioner who also brings a real world view to everything she does"

Christian Borys, Saint Javelin

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