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Hi! I'm Natalia, an OSINT expert and digital investigator

I investigate creepy people for a living — which is why I can help you protect yourself online ❤️

Natalia Antonova, OSINT expert and creator of Safer Dating Now

About me, my work, and this project

This whole thing started when I read a few books as a kid and decided that I wanted to be Sherlock Holmes. I'm not kidding. That's how it began.

Today, as digital investigator, trainer, and ​writer, I have worked with organizations and companies from the World Bank to BBC Africa, from the Southern Poverty Law Center to Sayari Labs. I've done everything from business due diligence to war crimes investigations.

One day, after getting off the phone with yet another friend who needed my skills to vet a potential Tinder date, I realized something — If I can use my skills to help organizations to expose foreign spies and criminals, I should also start helping ordinary people learn how to avoid scammers and liars when dating.

After all, I can't be everywhere at once!

This is how Safer Dating Now — a place where I can teach you my strategies and skills — came to be. 

What I'm not: I respect people who have love figured out, but I am not a love guru, dating coach, or matchmaker. Instead, I want to give you tools that save you precious time in the often confusing world of modern dating. When you have the tools you need, you can save yourself a lot of disappointment! I know that from firsthand experience :)

Here's just a little bit of my past work, so you can get to know me better

I helped Michael Edison Hayden track down an odious figure after he fled the United States following the events of January 6, 2021

War sucks. This is why I was glad to lend my skills to a guide for Ukrainian media and civil society on how to avoid digital (and more immediate) threats during wartime

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